Mar 2, 2009


Anyone have any good family vacation ideas? Got a rental property you need booked? A favorite resort?

Here's what I'm looking for:

- A good spot for May
- Driveable from Ohio with three little kids (Carolinas would be in, Florida out)
- Or less than a four hour, direct flight (Florida's back on the table)
- A beach would be sufficient entertainment, but a few kid friendly attractions wouldn't hurt
- Availability of good eats is a major plus

Whatcha got?


Alexis said...

We're going to Disneyland in May, it's a five hour direct flight from here, so probably four from there. We'd love to meet you.

Jim said...

Kiawah Island - only about a 2 hour flight to Charleston (if that). Never crowded with people.(if ur baby cries on a beach, but no other people are around, does it make a sound?) Island has tons of child activities that Jameson could sign up for. Very kid friendly. Great spa at the Santcuary Resort for Julie. (Also random soccer fields with goals and nets for Julie...not kidding)Great golf, good beach and great eats.

Todd said...

We've always enjoyed the Outer Banks NC, but we've never been that early in the year.
It's more of a family beach than a party beach.

Charity Donovan said...

May is the PERFECT time to go to Gulf Shores, AL. There are condos there that are right on the beach, super cheap & the plus is laundry & full kitchens (w/ kids...a HUGE BONUS!) We went in May a few yrs ago...perfect weather, beach wasn't crowded. The locals told us it really was the best time. The condos are:

James said...

We did Disney a couple of years ago so we'll probably put that off for awhile until the kids get bigger. I definitely want to do Gulf Shores. A friend at work raves about it. I've been checking out the Outer Banks, too. Thanks for all the great suggestions and links!

Anonymous said...

Pensacola Beach, FL is GREAT. I have gone there over 27 times in my 13 yearlife