Mar 12, 2009

March of Dimes

Someone PLEASE go over to the Donovan Clan blog and donate the last $5 needed (or more!) to get Charity to her March of Dimes goal. She's been sitting at five bucks short for weeks and I can't take it any more! I've already donated once and I'll donate again to get over that goal, but I'm pretty confident I won't have to because of all you caring people. Actually, I take that back. I will go donate again AFTER you guys hit Charity's charity goal.

Dew it. Donate. And don't stop just because the goal is reached.

1 comment:

Charity Donovan said...

How flippin' AWESOME are you??? CRACK ME UP! Your friend Lee actually came over & helped me out!!! Gotta love James' friends...THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! I truly do believe the March of Dimes is why my kiddos are here & healthy!

Random question, are you having problems with this whole blogger "following" thing? I keep missing posts that people do. Maybe I'm following too many blogs???