Mar 29, 2009

A Day at the Range

Well, I fired my first hand gun on Saturday afternoon. I went with my brother, Kip, and two of my sisters, Amanda and Emily, to the Vandalia Range and Armory. Julie went along too, but being pregnant relegated her to observation status only.

I've never been that big into guns, but I like trying new things. It was definitely a fun outing and I'm looking forward to returning. As a newbie (and because the ammo was cheap), I used a Walther P22. It was simple to operate and the one I was using never jammed or had any other issues. It felt a little too small for my hands, though, so next time I will use a different weapon. Regardless, it was fun and I can absolutely see how this can become an addictive sport. Not surprisingly, it turned into a competitive event. Needless to say, I'm the sharpshooter of the family. All those hours of video games must have been honing something.

The staff at the range were very nice and helpful and didn't mind all the greenhorns. The only drawback was that the range is nearly an hour north of our house. I'll be going back to the range again soon, I'm sure, but I may need to find a closer spot. The only other place I know of is about a half an hour south of us.


Anonymous said...

What prompted this family outing? Em's birthday?

Looks like you all had fun.


Chatter said...

Love the last picture of Emily. I'm so jealous you guys get to hang out together. Sounds like fun.

Hannah said...

Well, I know of a place very house! You could try out my .22 rifle.

Hannah said...

Also, I doubt you can outshoot me. If you can put a hole through a quarter than maybe you'll be on my level.

James said...

You're on.

Kirst said...

Nice pics