Feb 27, 2009


Good morning, interweb. It's 5:30 AM and I'm blogging from my phone. (Please, excuse any typos. My thumbs are fat.)

Why? Because we have no power to half our house. Because our house got hit by lightning. So here I am. Wide awake after escorting the fire department around my house for the last hour. This, by the way, completes the trifecta of public services visiting our home (police, paramedics and fire.)

I'll give more details when I can type at an actual computer, but let me just say that the Franklin Fire Department rocks. Oh, and don't worry, all is well here for now.


Chatter said...

No freaking way. That is some crazy shit. That's what you get for the snotty comment you left on my blog. But seriously, glad everyone is okay.

James said...

Ha, ha! Like you didn't know that comment was coming!

Trike said...

Last night the mystery on the TV show 11th Hour was people getting struck by lightning. You need to check yourself for a mutating virus that turns you into a living electrical conduit.