Feb 22, 2009

Road Trip

Mom is headed off to a wedding shower today, so Dad is packing up the kiddos (and enlisting the help of Uncle Kip and Cousin Curt) and heading down to Cincinnati to check out the new dinosaur exhibit at the Museum Center at Union Terminal. They have a dozen or so life size animatronic dinosaurs on exhibit. It should be pretty nerdtastic. There's also the chance that it will be terrifying for the kids and will psychologically scar them for life. Let's hope for the best.

I think the person who should be most worried, though, is Curt. Curt is one of our favorite cousins and we often invite him over to play. He is single and childless (that we know of) but lately his visits have forced him to dive into childcare waters.

On a visit a few weeks ago Curt came over to help move some furniture and he was unexpectedly thrust into parent life. Jameson had to go "number two" and insisted that Curt was the only person that could clean him up. I'm sure Curt felt honored that Jameson thinks so highly of him. As Curt put it, "I came here to move furniture and I end up wiping someone's ass." Thanks for being such a good sport, Curt.

A few weeks later Curt was over to watch our friend Candace on the premier of Survivor. Julie was at karate practice so it was Curt and I with the kids. Just as the opening credits began, Amelia projectile vomited about a gallon of noxious liquid. I scooped up Amelia and ran her up to the bathtub and Curt graciously cleaned up the barf. Again, not on the list of things Curt planned to do that day. Thank goodness for DVR technology.

So, thank you, again, Curt. If you know him and his anti-germ lifestyle you'll understand what a big deal this is. My hats off to you. Even if it hasn't been by choice, you have become quite capable at handling the three and under crowd.

Now the question is, what form of disgusting mess will Curt be intimately involved with today? Answer in the survey to the right.


Trike said...

Sounds to me that moving 900 miles away is having some benefits.

I'm guessing Curt washes his hands for an hour once he gets back from your place.

Chatter said...

WOW! Seriously shocked. Way to go Uncle Curt; that's pretty impressive. Hope the dino exhibit was fun.

WoodHugger said...

At the museum I unbuckled the twins from their carriages to lift them up and watch 8 coins go round and round in one of those awesome yellow coin vortex devices (this device had 8 coin slots and room for 20 kids to pile around). Just as I raised them both up, the last coins fell in, and all 20 kids left. Then I spent the next 10 minutes trying to put the twins back in the carriages. One would run off while I tried in vain to strap in the other flipping, flailing, nearly crying twin. As I ran to fetch the fleeing rugrat, the other would run off in the opposite direction. Eventually Truman was half topless as he pulled away and I held his shirt. Trying to dress Truman with one hand, Ameila flipped in my other arm, and gently konked her head on the carriage. I tried to comfort her, so Truman split. She cried while I chased Truman around. Other mothers were staring at me like I had kidnapped them. Thankfully Kip and James showed up and I handed each of them a cranky, red-faced, tortured little child.

WoodHugger said...

Speaking of bodily funcitons... Did Julie tell you when she interupted Jameson's play time with me? It was kinda early, like 11 pm. Jameson refused to take a shower with Mommy and go to bed. Julie says, how about take a shower with Mommy, then do such-n-such fun thing upstaris, then go to bed? Jameson refuses. Julie says, how about take a shower with Mommy, play with Curt some more, then do such-n-such thing upstairs, then go to bed? Jamesons refuses again. He says, "Curt will take a shower with me and Mommy, then we play some more, then go to bed." Julie said "no" in the same manner you would say, "no, the sky is not green" or "no, elephants don't fly."