Feb 10, 2009

Pregnancy, Explained

I kinda threw that whole "we're pregnant" thing out there without having the time to share any of the details. Sorry about that. I'll elaborate now.

Sometimes, when a man and a woman love each other very much, they...

OK, not that kind of explained. Go talk to your parents if you need the birds and the bees talk.

Anyway. So we're pregnant with number four. And yes, we have confirmed that there's only one baby swimming around in there this time. Was this planned? Not exactly. Actually, we were pretty proactive about trying not to get pregnant. (Except for the whole [ahem] part. Obviously.) If you are looking for a good birth control method, do not ask us. Kids, let this be a lesson to you... nothing is fool proof. So we weren't planning on getting pregnant, but I in fact knew that we would soon be getting pregnant. How did I know? Because we had just decided that we would like to get pregnant again about a year from now. Every time we've decided that we want to get pregnant at some point in the future we get pregnant some time in the present. Over the holidays we had started talking about when would be a good time to try to get pregnant again and right away I knew that this inevitably meant I would soon be staring at a positive home pregnancy test. And here we are. I should also point out that when we get pregnant it also means that our cousin Chandra will also soon be pregnant. I'll be keeping a close eye on her blog in the coming months.

So where does this put us now? We're approximately 10 weeks deep so far. That puts baby number four, God willing, here some time in September. The crazy thing is that having a baby in early September means we will have our fourth child slightly before our oldest child even turns four years old. Crazy. Really crazy. If you would have asked me four years ago if I would have four children by now I would have said it was mathematically impossible. So much for my math skills.

I've made it known that I do not want to find out the sex of the baby this time around. As with most things pregnancy related (actually, now that I think about it, most things in general), my opinion has no bearing on the matter. Julie has remained suspiciously quiet on the subject. I'm not sure if that means she's agreeing or if she has her own plans and she's just ignoring me. We've tried it both ways previously. With Jameson we didn't find out. With the twins, we did. Lots of people tell us it's silly not to find out because it limits preparation time and it's no less of a surprise to find out now rather than nine months from now. I disagree. First of all, Julie and I don't begin our preparation until we're back from the hospital and don't have a suitable bed ready for him or her, anyway. We didn't even name any of our kids until a few hours before we left the hospital. Second, I think it makes the birth even more exciting not knowing if it's a son or a daughter you are about to welcome into the world. As for a preference for the sex of baby number four, I think we can honestly say we don't have one. It will be great to have another girl and give Amelia a little sister. But it would be equally cool to have a third boy tearing up the house with Jameson and Truman (and Amelia could forever be the little girl of the family). We'll be stoked with whatever we get.

So are we really out of our minds? Probably. On those nights when even an hour of sleep seems divine I wonder just how crazy are we to be having a fourth baby??? But then after work when I'm greeted at home by kisses, screams, smiles and shouts I wonder how I could possibly not want more of this. And when I see the kids together, and how much they absolutely love each other, I can't imagine prolonging the expansion of our family. So yes, we're probably crazy. But let's just pretend we mean crazy like a fox.


Ward and June said...

Where as I completely understand your logic behind not finding out I would rather be surprised twice, the day we find out if it's a her or him and then the day we finally meet and see her or him. That's just my two cents...not a recommendation.

And if you're crazy so be it. Crazy is more fun. We will soon be joining the three under two ranks but I don't see us joining the four under four group in the future, but you never know.

Congratulations again.

my name is Amanda said...

Great blog post - well-written and funny!

Although I've never been pregnant, I'm big on *other people* finding out the sex beforehand; I understand this is entirely personal preference. Since you now have had both male and female children, this lessens the amount of preparation you actually have to make (since you already have "pink and blue" clothes, and all the baby accountrements, etc).

(I love the name "Amelia." So pretty.)


Chatter said...

You officially have me freaked out. Guess I'd better stock up on pregnancy tests.

I love not knowing the sex. Even with 3 boys I don't think I'd want to know in the future.


Jack Kuntz said...

Congrats on the upcoming baby! Maybe it's just the water down there?

Jim said...

Crazy like a fox?...How bout crazy like a Suleman is more like it. I will no longer call and ask, “how’s the family” as this salutation with now be replaced with, “How’s the China” I would suspect that there is not much pressure for a girl or a boy, considering that you guys will finish up with around 17 children on your current pace. I imagine they will end up with a somewhat even ratio of boy to girl, so no worries. I wish you continued success on the work bench.

Ward and June said...

Crazy like a Suleman...I love it!

cake. said...