Feb 14, 2009

The People vs. George

George is one of those people you either love or hate. His supporters are unwavering even in the face of incredible criticism. His detractors say he should pay for crimes against humanity. Loved or hated, he will go down in history as one of the most pivotal figures of our generation. His impact on our culture, on the world, is undeniable. George wasn't always so polarizing, but by the time he launched the Attack in 2002, attitudes were starting to shift. Then, in 2008, public opinion reached an all time low.

Which brings us to the following documentary. This film tries to take an unbiased look at the last 8 or so years and the impact that George has had on millions of lives. The movie doesn't necessarily try to paint George to be the villain many people swear he is, but understandably there is a great deal of negative sentiment about many of George's actions. With great power comes great responsibility and many, many people think George has completely abused that power. You can judge for yourself.

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Rbelong2us said...

LOL – Nice bait and switch.