Jan 7, 2009

Slippery Slope

I just ate my first ever Hot Pocket. What an experience. The first go around in the dirty work microwave left the initial bite ice cold. Another thirty seconds on the turntable turned it into a mound of boiling lava. After letting it cool on my desk for a few minutes I ingested the whole thing in a matter of a few bites. It could be best described as a pre-chewed cheesesteak sandwich. I'm feeling a little tingly now and may need to go lie down.

I've hung the wrapper on my office wall to commemorate this special occasion.


Chatter said...

All I can think of is Jim Gaffigan right now.

Charity Donovan said...

Jim Gaffigan does have some mean Hot Pocket material. Yeahhh...I tried the Hot Pocket ONCE at my cubical job...ONCE was enough...I even tried to tell myself some crap like "Ohhhh...it's chicken & broccoli...it's good for me!" Not so much!