Jan 28, 2009


My company employs tens of thousands of people in dozens of offices around the United States. In times of inclement weather, we have a handy 800 number we can call to hear a recorded message with the status of any and all office closings across the country. Simple, efficient and conclusive.

Given the disasterous weather across the Ohio Valley, I called the number this morning to get the scoop on the Dayton office. I listened to a half dozen announcements for various offices closings and delays.

"Dallas, 10 a.m. delayed open... Baltimore, 11 a.m. delayed open... Littlefield, closed..."

And then finally a message about good ol' Dayton.

"Dayton, business as usual. Please use caution when driving to the office."

What the...?!?! A whole list of closings and delays and one "you're open" notification? Obviously if we're not closed, we're open. Dayton was the only office that apparently needed the reminder. That's just plain mean. And the "use caution" public service announcement was road salt in the wounds. Not that I really care -- I was coming in no matter what -- but whoever added Dayton's message must have a cruel sense of humor.


Mander said...

I feel you on this...the whole campus where I work is closed...except for essential personel (which is me) and one other department. Everyone else gets to enjoy their day off while we have to trek through this crap to work!...we don't get to leave unless it becomes a level 3, which only emergency vehicles and snow plows are suppose to be out. Fabulous!

stacey said...

amanda, if it becomes level 3, wouldn't you then have to stay at work or else risk getting a ticket??

Mander said...

Oh I wouldn't stay at work...home is where I would be heading.
Just found that we're closing at 3 because they don't want us traveling in this weather in the dark....they do care. deep,deep,deep down, they care.

Charity Donovan said...