Nov 18, 2008

Red Rock Canyon

The best part of our October trip to Vegas was the day trip Jameson and I made to Red Rock Canyon National Conservatory. Absolutely gorgeous and pretty much the antithesis of Las Vegas Boulevard. A gorgeous day (not too hot) and breathtaking scenery. I can't wait to go back and do some serious hiking when the kids are older.

Here are just a few of the pictures I took. You can see the rest in my Flickr album.

OK, well first we had to fuel up with some New York style pizza (the only style worth eating).

The only wildlife we saw. Well, and some wild-death.
A moment earlier he was eating a rabbit.

Jameson insisted we were going to go out there and get some of those "red rocks."

It was amazing how much the temperature changed going from sun to shade behind a mountain.

Little man. Big rocks.

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