Nov 28, 2008

Gellar Moving Company

Pivot. PI-VOT!!!


Charity Donovan said...

Does this mean what I think it means??? If so....CONGRATULATIONS...if not, ooooohhh you are too kind to move someone else's crap over the holiday!

Anonymous said...

Emphasis on the word "crap"


Woodhugger said...

James, I remembered another "she said" comment last night: Two is too many.

And "pivot". of course.

James said...

I was helping my younger brother move. It may sound saint like, but I owed him several times over.

But boy did it suck carrying those couches up 5 floors.

Anonymous said...

You only went up 4 floors. 1 to 5. Don't be so dramatic.

James said...

OK, down 1 floor and up 4.

It was basically the hardest moving project ever completed in the history of mankind.