Nov 28, 2008

Black Friday

My feelings today as described by the brilliantly observant Adam Frucci @ Gizmodo. Please check it out.

"Today is Black Friday, a day dedicated to our basest and most pathetic inclinations. The day after giving thanks for all that we have, we turn around and jump through horrible hoops to accumulate more at the insistence of sleazy, desperate retailers. It's a nice summation of everything wrong with this country and the holiday season, an appropriately named cancerous mark on our calendars. Our behavior today is the sort of thing an alien race would use as justification for our destruction. Let's run through the specifics, shall we?"

OK, if you're planning to buy your wife a nice new iPod adapter for her car, today might be a good day to make that purchase. But frugal and thoughtful Christmas shopping does not reside on the same plane as the insanity described above. Seriously. Take a step back. Perspective, much? Have we already doomed ourselves? I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

UPDATE: And now someone lost their life because of A SALE ON CRAP NO ONE NEEDS. Is anyone else frightened by this???

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