Nov 13, 2008

Birthday Vacation Part III

The last part of the weekend involved a trip to the zoo. Yeah, I know, not everyone agrees with the concept of zoos, but the way I see it, half of these species will be dead in a decade so we'd better get in to see them now. I can picture it now... "Hey kids, remember that one time I took you to see real live 'animals?' Yeah, there's nothing left now but cockroaches and pigeons, but seriously, those things in the pictures used to roam the earth. I'm not making it up. Fine, just go back to your Playstation 12."

They had a huge platform built so you could feed giraffes at eye level.
Pretty cool.

I love the sea lions. Funny, yet evil.

We got to check out an armadillo up close and personal.

"Boo" (Abuelo) and "Ba" (Abuela) brought birthday cards.
It was his birthday ya' know.

JJ turtle.

Julie turtle.

Insulted turtle.

A zebra got into the giraffe enclosure and, well... ask your parents.

Truman has since learned that eating the bottle isn't the only way to get the water.

Amelia found her own way to stay cool on this blistering hot day.

Cousin Curt explaining how easy it would be to get his arm bitten off by a polar bear.

The bats were hanging freely over our heads in the bat exhibit.

I'm scared of bats and this one knew it.

If you ever need a bat removed from your home, DO NOT call me. There's a story behind why. It involves leafblowers and volleyballs, but that's for another post. Maybe Jim can explain it to you.

Smiling on the outside.
Ready to colapse from exhaustion on the inside.

Don't look so ferocious to me.

I can't remember if this is Curt being exhausted or pretending to be exhausted.
Either way... what a weekend.


Mander said...

Yeah I remember the bat incident. Hilarious! And I can vouch that you don't like them. I'm sure Jimmy, err, I mean Jim can explain the best. Thanks for the good laugh and the memory!

Chatter said...

What the hell is that? The creepy zebra/giraffe creature...

Charity Donovan said...

I saw an armadillo up close & personal once - TRYING TO SNOOT IT'S WAY INTO OUR TENT! They grow those darn things big in TX! Needless to say...I fought it off while Steve stood on a picnic table & threw rocks at the "bear!" Gotta love a city boy!