Nov 7, 2008

Birthday Vacation Part II

The second part of our getaway weekend included heading over to Kings Island. It was a gorgeous day and, being so late in the year, the crowds were pretty thin. The bad news was that there really wasn't a ton to do thanks to some of our height limitations (and I don't mean Julie). The good news was that the tickets were so cheap we didn't mind sticking around for only a few hours and then calling it a day.

It was a nice little walk from the lodge to the park.

Amelia on her first amusement park ride: Azul - The Little Blue Train

Jameson making friends and having fun on some sort of whiplash ride.


All Julie could talk about all day was getting her picture taken with Patrick Starfish.
Mission accomplished.

We'll be back for this one next year.

The Icee station...

...otherwise known as "Mecca" for Julie and Jameson.

Couldn't call it a day without playing some carnival games.

Damn! Those 12 year-old girls were GOOD.

We beat 'em, though. (On our, ahem, second try.)

Hey, Jameson, we should totally ride the train. No it won't make you fall asleep in like 5 seconds. I wasn't even thinking about your nap time. I just, um, thought you'd really love this slow, rhythmically rocking, gently chugging choo-choo-train.

This, my friends, is what's known as "a fight a brewin'."

Sprinkle magnet, ON!


Jim said...

"sprinkle magnet"

Jim said...

BTW- I noticed your running log is broken....

Mander said...

Love the pictures, where's Truman?

Charity Donovan said...

My money is on Amelia...she has that "I may be a girl...but like my momma, I can kick your butt boy!" look in her eye!