Sep 24, 2008

Twin Update

Just some recent photos of the wonderfully opposite duo that is our twins.

"I will eat anything. Even my own hand."

"When I said I will eat anything, I meant ANYTHING."

"Yeah, sometimes I like to just chill in my cow chair."

"Girlfriend, you crazy!"

Truman likes eating. And sleeping. Sometimes the line between the two is blurry.

"OMG, that's hilarious!"

"Peace out, suckas!"


Mander said...

Um, is that Truman or Jameson? Holy Cow they look alike...
Amelia, I promise I will buy you a brush and pretty bows for your birthday.

Chatter said...

They are so stinking cute!! Thanks for the update.

Charity Donovan said...

They are getting so dang big!!! When they are laughing they really look alike!!! So cute!