Sep 18, 2008

Soon to Be Three

I can hardly believe it, but Jameson will be 3 years old this weekend. Those three years have FLOWN by. Here's a recent picture taken before school one morning. He looks so old to me... certainly not our baby anymore... :(


Chatter said...

It goes by so quickly huh...
Before we know it our babies will be big too!

Happy Birthday J!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jameson


Anonymous said...


Happy 3rd birthday! May your next year bring more inventions (no pants wed was brilliant), more parties (like a red one perhaps), more toe-jam for you to pick and lots and lots of laughter. Maybe this year you can begin to exert your oldest child dominance, a prized position.


Jim said...

Just a few more years until:

“Look Daaaad, you just don’t understand me man…ok…so just leave me alone. If I want to listen to my ipod in the dark, in MY room then that’s what I’m going to do. I’m Jameson…and I’m outaaaaaa heeeere.”