Sep 13, 2008

I Was Better When I Was Seven

I recently boasted on Cake's blog that having sketched Garfield and Odie so often as I was learning to draw as a child, that, without actually having seen either character in years, I could probably draw a pretty mean copy just from memory. By "mean," I must have meant "cruel joke." Here is my 2 minute attempt. Many apologies to Jim Davis.

If you were artistically inclined as a child, the Sunday paper was always a good source of practice material. I remember recreating all kinds of comic strips, but Garfield was probably the first I perfected. Who did you draw as a child? Think you can still do it, without looking? Check out this site.


Charity Donovan said...

I had a Garfield lunchbox...loved it! Last year I bought Aidan the box set of all the OLD episodes & he loves it! Garfield is so full of adult humor...if you haven't watched it in years...give it a try from an adult perspective! I personally, could draw a MEAN Rude Dog or any of the Dweebs for that matter! lol! Did I just admit that?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Baxter? - Em

Ward and June said...

It's hard to imagine drawing better than that at age 7, me, I can't draw straight stick figures.