Sep 24, 2008

Hurricane Ike Visits Ohio

So apparently Ohio gets hurricanes, too. Fifty mile per hour sustained winds with gusts up to sixty or seventy miles an hour. Millions of people without power (some still). Sorry it's taken me so long to post. Best of luck to everyone who was really in the path of destruction. This is nothing compared to what Texas got.

Every intersection in the area was reduced to a four-way stop. Not good for morning and evening commutes.

Trees, big and small, were snapped in half.

The greatest damage in my relatively treeless neighborhood was to roofs and siding.

With the vast majority of gas stations in the region being without power, the ones that were up and running didn't hesitate to jack up their prices.

Hurricane Ike decided our house is officially off the market.

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Chatter said...

Wow! I've been thinking about you guys ever since Curt called. It looks pretty crazy. Glad to hear you made it through.