Aug 28, 2008

Not So Trivial

These are pictures of the front and back of a Trivial Pursuit card from the original edition of the game. I came across this particular card randomly during a game in recent years. Given the circumstances around damaged tiles and the ultimate demise of the Space Shuttle Columbia, I found the Science and Nature (green) question on this card to be quite... creepy. Why would they ask about something so random as the tiles on this particular shuttle, especially when the answer is "zero?" Creepy, if you ask me.


Charity Donovan said...

Oh...that is a bit odd.

Ward and June said...

When was that particular edition published?

Do you think that the Parker Brothers possess some sort of precognative powers? Or, if the game came out after the accident perhaps they have some sort of macabre sense of humor.

Either way it's a little distubing.