Aug 19, 2008

Day with Dad

No daycare today, so I stayed home with Jameson. The twins are at their grandmother's house and Julie is at work, so Jameson and I are getting the rare opportunity to spend the day together with just each other. So far we've had breakfast, put together a new activity center for the twins, read half a dozen books and built a kick ass furniture fort. Whew. I don't think I get this much done at work by this time...

Here's Jameson brushing his teeth like a big boy, right after a successful potty episode. (Yeah, J!)

See, Mom, not all civilization goes out the window when Dad is in charge!

1 comment:

Mander said...

Are those pants or shorts?
If pants, is Jameson expecting to flood the bathroom?
If shorts, is he going to join a basketball team?