Jul 13, 2008

The Picnic

The annual Murphy family reunion, known around here as "the picnic," was today. It's held at a great park in the heartland of Ohio and it is always a great time. I loved going every year as a kid and now I get to enjoy taking my kids. I was particularly interested in going this year because we missed last year's picnic as Julie was 6 months pregnant with twins and was in no mood to drive an hour and a half just to sit in the heat and humidity know as Ohio's summer. This was also the first year Jameson was old enough to truly enjoy the outing.

I come from a fairly large family (I have a few dozen first cousins) so even though not everyone can make it every year, there are always lots of people in attendance, including a gaggle of young kids. I can't even tell you how many years we've been having this picnic - always at the same park, at the same shelter, on the same day. I have many, many great memories from these get togethers. It's not the only time we congregate each year (there's Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Fall camping trip, too), but it's always one of the most fun.

To all you Murphys out there that didn't make it, we missed you. See you next year!

Of course, I took lots of pictures to document the day. LOTS of pictures.


Anonymous said...

Great pics James. It was really a fun time, hmmm maybe I'll try and make it again next year. Favorite comment of the day was still your initial scoff at playing tag, followed by the imploring "can I play?".


Trike said...

Andrea, Dale *and* Quinten?! Man, when I miss a year, I really miss one.

I recall taking a picture of you that's similar to the one you took of Jameson, probably on that same slide. You were a couple years older than he is now, and my shot was out of focus. If only I could find my old pics to compare. Sigh.

The oldest photo I can recall of the family picnic is from circa 1959, of Carl standing in front of his and Andy's cars.

Anonymous said...

The pictures were really good. I really liked the last one of the twins their so cute. It seemed like a small group this year but it was still fun. tootles, hayley

Ward and June said...

I am jealous of big families. I have four first cousins and none of us are very close. It looks like a fun time. I have never even been to a family reunion.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this Davis family will make it next year - always a good time to miss out on. Tristen hates missing it too. Good pictures. Bryson thought it looked like Kelsey was diving into grass. And all the little babies that I missed! Maybe next time...