Jul 4, 2008

Face Transformer Part II

My cousin Chandra says she doesn't have time to play around with the online face transformer. I don't have time either, but that won't stop me from transforming her face for her.

You can thank me later Chandra. Who wants to be next???

Original Chandra

Old Chandra




Anonymous said...

James that is awesome, my favorite is Mandra. She's sitting right here and she said "I'm going to freaking kill James!"

Pity and I laughed and laughed (Chand laughed too...)


Anonymous said...

Mandra + bigger lips + two more chins = Sam

Chatter said...

can you write a new post already? seriously. i'd try to get you back but I know you have no shame and there is no way in hell I can embarrass you. thanks a lot for pointing out that I look like a man and for picking the mostly manly picture you could find of me. you are a cruel person.

James said...

I thought you'd never comment, Chandra! I guess I can move on now...