Jul 9, 2008

Blue Party

Last Thursday, I took the day off from work to stay home and spend the day with the kids while Mom got a much needed break. (Sadly, a much needed break for Mom = going to the office to work all day.)

Early that morning as I was getting Jameson his breakfast, I asked him what he wanted to do that day since I was going to be home. He replied, "I want to have a party." OK, so Jameson wants to have a party. Curious, I asked him what kind of party he wanted to have. Without hesitation he replied, "A blue party."

I'm always up for having people over to the house, and though I'd never heard of a "blue party," I was game. I quickly made a few phone calls and got the word out that we would be hosting a blue party that evening. I didn't have answers to the many questions from the peeps on our guest list who were wondering what exactly a blue party was. I simply suggested that if they were coming to a blue party, it would probably be a good idea to wear blue.

So the blue party was officially on, and luckily for Jameson we had no trouble preparing for our party - we hit the store and cherry picked all the blue paraphernalia from the ample selection of red, white and blue goods set out for the Fourth of July holiday. Blue cups, plates, napkins, candles, balloons and cookies were all readily available. We added to that a cake with blue flowers, blue corn tortilla chips, blue flowers, blueberry juices, blue soda, blue jello, blueberry muffins and blue candy. (I did forget the Blue Moon beer, though. Doh!)

Side note: The store where we were shopping, DLM, was running a promotion around locally produced food. For the promotion, the staff was wearing green aprons and had put up green balloons all over the checkout area. When we were getting ready to pay, Jameson told the cashier, "We are not having a green party." It made me laugh, but made zero sense to her. Here her company was throwing a big, green party and despite her own green duds, she was oblivious. (Not the kind of person we'd be inviting to our blue party.)

Well, we took our blue party seriously, as did our guests who all showed up wearing blue and bearing various blue foods and goodies, including some now nearly infamous blue Jelly Belly beans from Aunt Patty. I think our guests would agree it was a fun party. Yes, it was a little hastily thrown together, but it turns out that Jameson knows what he's doing. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about the blue party idea. I've been to and thrown parties for all kinds of absurd reasons over the years, but it never occurred to me to throw a party for a color. Good call, Jameson.

Planning has already begun for our red party. Watch for your invite.

And one final note: Yes, blue parties do lead to, ahem, blue diapers.


wesley's mom said...

What a great (and fun) dad you are.

cake. said...

oh my gosh this is so cute.