Jul 29, 2008

At Least the View Is Nice

The view from hotel room window. (It's a brick wall about 18 inches
away.) It's like being in the Matrix.

I've also discovered that if I lie perpendicular across my bed, I can
put my feet flat against one wall and my hands flat against the
opposite wall.

I don't recommend this hotel for anyone remotely clausterphobic.

In response to all of you commenters out there...

As long as I don't see any short and curlies on the bed, I'm not

I did lick my shoe, but it was at a keg party, not a bar. (Though we
might have been at one earlier.) I survived, didn't I?

Yes, my hotel room may very well be half the size of my freshman year
dorm room.

And, I thought my legs looked pretty tan.

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