Jun 7, 2008


Besides being one of the best songs ever, Tennessee is a great place to visit. It helps when you're being hosted by wonderful relatives.

This was our first real road trip since having the twins and our first real road trip in the new minivan. Both held up pretty well. All of the kids were pretty cooperative and we actually managed 25 mpg in our overloaded Odyssey. Though the trip that should have taken less than five hours turned into a seven hour trip, it wasn't bad. All in all, our first road adventure went pretty smoothly. For now, though, I think that's about the maximum distance we could handle.

We loaded this thing to the gills. JJ was clearly ready to rock.

At one of our many stops along the way, Amelia tried out the "big girl" car seat that will one day be hers.

Here is the view from my Aunt and Uncle's porch. You should be jealous.

What part of "you should be jealous" did you not understand? Maybe this sunset view from said porch will help.

At one point we were in a van down by the river. But we weren't living there -- just visiting.

Thanks, Aunt Diane, for pushing Jameson around in that hot weather. And for pushing him up your ridiculously steep driveway.

OK, so the Waterpillar is a little psychotic looking. The hot weather called for it.

Mean Aunt Amanda in action.

Hmm, I wonder where Jameson got the idea that it was more fun to spray other people?

The Skipper.

Try as he might, Uncle Kevin couldn't shake Julie.

Little did we know, the easiest way to get Julie in the water was to stop the boat and let her fall in on her own accord.

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Chatter said...

This totally makes me want to take a trip to Kevin and Diane's. That looks SO fun!