Jun 6, 2008

Is It June Already?

OK, so I'm a little behind on event posting. These are some more pictures from the cookout at my sister's house in the middle of May. It was a multi-functional cookout as my aunt and uncle were in from Hawaii, one sister, Hannah, just had a birthday and another sister, Emily, was getting ready to leave for the summer to be a nurse at camp for kids with cancer. My aunt and uncle don't make it this far inland that often, so it was nice to see them. I don't think we'll be packing up the brood for the eight hour flight to their part of the world in the immediate future, so our visits together are few and far between.

The camp that Emily is working this summer is called The Hole in the Wall Gang. It sounds pretty awesome. As their organization puts it, "It is here that children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses find camaraderie, joy and a renewed sense of being a kid. They also get to do things that no one knew they were capable of doing." You can donate to their cause here.

On to the pictures...

Aunt Julene and Truman, Aunt Amanda and Cousin Andersen, Aunt Emily and Amelia.

Jameson's good at starting fights...


...not so good at finishing them.

The day's grill masters: Uncle Mike and Uncle Kevin.

Jameson practicing corn hole.

As his face suggests, Jameson was in quite the mood that day.

Aunt Emily and Truman. Any family resemblance?

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