Jun 28, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I came to the strangest realization recently. I suddenly became very aware that I had forgotten something that one might think was unforgettable.

I've forgotten what it's like to have hair.

And that seems so odd. Far odder than the actual losing of the hair in the first place. Have I been without hair so long that I can't imagine having it at all? Apparently so.

My hair started thinning when I was fairly young. Sometime early in my college years. It never bothered me much. Every male I'm related to has been bald to some degree so it wasn't like it was a surprise. As a child, I think the "birds and the bees" talk in my household was immediately followed by the "enjoy your hair while it lasts" talk. As it became more noticeable, I just kept cutting my hair shorter and shorter until I just finally decided to take a razor to my dome. I wasn't like some pro athlete who just can't bring himself to retire, dragging out his career until his diminished skills are bordering on embarrassing. I knew it was time to get out of the game. I like to think I, ahem, went out on top.

Once I did start shaving my head, I quickly found that I liked this close crop better anyway. The look suited me, it was low maintenance and trips to the barber could officially be scratched from the budget. It took a little getting used to, but pretty soon it seemed normal.

And now it feels so normal I can't remember what it was like to be encumbered by a mane. Very strange. I keep it so maintained now I don't even know how much hair I could still grow, let alone what it would feel like. I'm convinced I'm not missing much.

And for all you fellas out there that have considered taking your Gillette Sensor to your scalp but have kept telling yourself it isn't time yet, guess what: if you've thought about it, it's time. Get out of the game before you embarrass yourself.

(Update 6/29) Here are some examples of people who just didn't know when to hang up their combs.

Me and my brother Kip back when we BOTH had hair.

The peak of my long hair days my freshman year in college.
(Editor's Note: This was NOT my room.)

Let's face it, even if I had kept my hair, these guys would have made it fall out anyway.
I'll be giving them "the hair speech" soon enough.


Mander said...

Did you cut Jameson's hair? I thought you had some strike going on that you weren't going to cut it?

Anonymous said...

what are these "birds and the bees" you refer to?


Chatter said...

Birds and the bees??? Karen and Ron thankfully skipped that lecture. Whewww....

Jameson's hair looks cute!

Hoolie said...

No cutting of any kind has been done to Jameson's hair. The picture just looks that way.

Ward and June said...

Did you write this post for my husband? I want him to keep his hair, he knows he's losing the battle and wants to just get it over with.

stacey said...

Gosh, James, I almost forgot that your hair was ever as long as it was in your college photo! Crazy!