Jun 9, 2008

A Different Perspective

Here is some fine photography, taken with my Minolta Maxxum 5D DSLR, by my two year old, Jameson. He loves taking pictures, especially since he gets to immediately see the results. This is but one of a growing list of his experiences that is so drastically different from what I experienced as a child. I'm sure one day I'll have to explain to him what "film" is. The world is so different for kids today. Actually, I doubt I could have even used a camera when I was two years old.

These are just a sample of his better efforts selected from the dozens and dozens he actually shoots. He's a little hit or miss, partially because he can barely handle the size and weight of the camera and partially because, well, he's two. Regardless of the artistic value (which I indeed think these have), at the very least it's interesting seeing everything from the perspective of three feet off the floor.

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