Jun 10, 2008

Company Picnic, Part I

Julie's company picnic was this past weekend. Each year they have their get together at Young's Dairy in Yellow Springs. It's not far from where Dave Chappelle lives, yet for some reason we've never run into him there. Odd, I know.

Young's is well known for their ice cream, but they've also got a host of activities geared towards the young and young at heart. (Did I just say that? Yikes. I apologize for being so lame-o.) Anyway, they've got plenty of things to keep a two year old entertained. Since I'm traveling for work all this week, Jameson and I basically spent the whole day hanging out together while Mom handled the twins. Some of you may not realize it, but hanging out with a two year old is often so much cooler than hanging out with just about any other age group.

First and foremost on the agenda was feeding the goats. I mean, how could it not be. As expected when dealing with googly eyed, horned beasts (some that were triple his size and weight), it took Jameson a few minutes to warm up to the idea of hand feeding them. But once he got going, it became his personal mission to feed all 20 of them.

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Mander said...

is that the "Little Bubba" shirt I bought for him when he was a baby? And it fits?????