Jun 5, 2008

Business Time

I know what you're all thinking. "I wish James would post about poop." Well... I aim to please.

Tru-baby was going through a rough patch. He hadn't pooped (or as polite society says, "had a bowl movement") in three or four days. Three or four days isn't a big deal for many people. I'm a regular guy, but when I'm traveling I've been known to hold out for home court advantage for days at a time. Truman, however, is normally filling up a couple diapers a day with the good stuff, so even a few day dry spell is well out of the ordinary. The poor kid was backed up and downright uncomfortable.

Good news, though. A steady influx of prune juice into the diet has put Truman back on the path to intestinal bliss. He's already lightened his load four times today. And it hasn't been amateur hour with these deliveries -- he's testing the limits of those Huggies. I think he's trying to get his average back up.

Well, anyway, have a nice lunch.

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