May 1, 2008

Sleep with One Eye Open

One of the best parts of every night is laying down with Jameson to talk about the day, sing a song or two and read some books. It's the nightly ritual to send Jameson off to the land of slumber. To be honest though, as little sleep as Julie and I tend to get, it's not unusual for Mom or Dad to be the one that drifts off first. At that point, Jameson typically reads to himself or just settles in and puts himself to sleep.

Not tonight. Tonight he decided to have a little fun with his poor, tired Dad. A few pages into "The Runaway Dinner," I was out cold. I awoke, who knows how long later, to Jameson trying to put a sticker on my freshly shaved head. Turns out that the cranial stickers were only to be the finishing touches on his human canvas. Not counting the dozen or so that fell off in the bed, I had already been adorned with 43 stickers. Man, I'm a sound sleeper.


Chatter said...

That is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud, how funny! Oh James, it just the beginning of Jameson's practical jokes on dad.


Trike said...

I'm already pitying his future frat brothers.