May 20, 2008

House Update

Not coming to see our house isn't good enough anymore. We've pretty much gotten used to the fact that no one wants to come see our house. The Non-Buyers out there have had to step up their game a little bit. Last Thursday, we had a viewing scheduled. These were going to be the first people to actually see our house since we listed it. We were excited. We called for back up. We cleaned the house from top to bottom. We rearranged our schedules and made special babysitting arrangements. We went to bed late and got up early to make sure everything was perfect. It was like we were getting ready for prom with the slight hope we might get lucky.

And then they cancelled on us a couple hours before the showing.

Bravo, Mr. and Mrs. Non-Buyer. Bravo. You really got us that time.

At least we had a clean house. For a couple of days.


Chatter said...

That stinks. We listed our house last Thur and I'm incredibly nervous about it selling. Good luck!

Ward and June said...

I truly, really, really feel your pain.


Anonymous said...

those jerks