Apr 5, 2008

Rock Star

I never understood what this whole Guitar Hero and Rock Band craze was about. It seemed like a pretty boring idea for a game to me. Then Kip brought Rock Band over to the house a few weekends ago. I was addicted about 30 seconds into my first Weezer jam. It's a very simple concept that basically consists of correctly timing the tapping of little colored buttons. Except instead of being on a traditional game controller, these little colored buttons are on toy instruments that totally, kinda, not really, look like actual instruments. Brilliant. As you can see below, Jameson got in on the action too. He's like some kind of music prodigy or something.

He really got into the drums. And check out the lip curl when he's holding the guitar. That wasn't coached, and I have no idea where he got it. Must have been channeling Elvis.


Trike said...

Those pics are hilarious. JJ and the Twins, On Tour!

Anonymous said...

i agree those pictures are so funny....maybe you should be looking for a manager