Apr 30, 2008

My Wife is Crazy

Julie is up baking cupcakes right now. (Note the time of this post.) Why is she doing this? Because we need them for some important event tomorrow? No. Just because.

Why am I up, you ask? I was asleep. Truman woke up. Apparently because the house smells like fresh baked cupcakes. Man that kid loves to eat.

Peace out. I'm going to bed. Julie's got some icing to do.

(Editor's note: If you had three kids aged two and under, this wouldn't seem strange at all. You learn to value the night. Even the late, late night.)


blah blah blah said...

It's good to see that you are back. We wondered what happened to you.

I have learned to use the night for things that are too hard to squeeze in during the day. Cupcakes after midmight doesn't seem crazy at all. Cupcakes during normal baby waking hours, now that seems crazy.


Chatter said...

That's hilarious!! What kind of cookies. I'm with Truman here - love to eat and I would especially like to know what flavor of cookies.

Chatter said...

Cupcakes, I meant cupcakes.