Apr 13, 2008

All Clear

It appears that bug that had a grip on our household for the last ten days is really and truly gone. I escaped unscathed, but Jameson starts his new daycare on Tuesday, so I can only imagine what wonderful microscopic intruders he'll be bringing home. And Jameson is the perfect host, judging by the way he greeted a little girl at tumbling class on Saturday... with a big smooch right on the lips. But I can't blame him, you know, with the rock star lifestyle and all. Speaking of rock stars, the hard rock band that Kip and I started, Satan's Hairline, has over a quarter million fans. We've got some gigs on the West Coast coming up that should really put us on the rock map. If I can only get my "Don't Fear the Reaper" guitar solo nailed down... To our true fans, don't worry, we'll never sell out. Satan's Hairline will burn out before you ever see our music in Starbucks.

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Chatter said...

LOL about Jameson. Get ready for some serious cooties. I don't care if I'm a wuss, we are NEVER going out in public again. I wish that could be true.