Mar 23, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Some photos from Monday's party over at Great, Great Aunt Patty's house. Thank you, thank you, Patty, for not kicking us out after the first hour. This was my first real taste of what it must have been like for the adults when I was one of the wee lads and lassies terrorizing any number of family functions. It was exhausting with just a handful of kids running around on Monday... I can't imagine what it was like back in the day when the children numbered in the dozens. How any of our parents have an ounce of sanity left is a miracle. God bless you Ron, Patty, Doug and Curt. You must have racked up some serious karma points back then. For those of you readers who aren't part of the Murphy Clan, I was one of nearly 30 first cousins who got together with some regularity when we were kids. Throw in some second cousins and what not, and any given family function for us resembled some sort of surreal daycare of whirling dervishes. We're all (mostly) grown up to varying degrees now and so has begun the next generation of Murphy kids.

Jameson was in rare form that day. This is one of the few moments where he wasn't running, screaming, pulling, pushing, jumping, falling, banging, bumping, knocking, eating, hiding, finding, lifting, dropping, touching, squealing, laughing, crying, kissing, hugging, squeezing, biting, climbing, crawling, sliding or slipping.

Patty the Great presiding. She doesn't seem to rule with quite the iron fist that I remembered. Suddenly, everything now seems to be cleanable, fixable, replaceable or inevitable.

Jameson and Tucker discussing the finer points of modern aeronautics. It was evident this day that Jameson is in dire need of a playmate his age.

Here are my two lucky charms and further proof that I am Irish Catholic. Are you guys ready for another brother or sister? (Or both?)

Here is cousin Andersen making full use of his newfound teeth.

Awww, you're so cute. You're more than welcome to devour that soccer ball.


Anonymous said...

the kids are getting so big so fast, i can't believe it...


blah blah blah said...

Happy St. Patricks Week.

We weren't going to leave you in the dark, here's the new URL


blah blah blah said...

Ah, things seem so peaceful and uncomplicated over here, however do you manage?