Mar 5, 2008

Is It Just Me?

If you are a parent, have you ever had one of those days where your child is behaving in a way that can't clearly be defined as "bad behavior" but he or she manages to get under your skin just the same? It's like you can tell they're deliberately pushing your buttons but they never quite cross the line to warrant a punishment. Things like deciding to play the piano and "sing" a song a few decibels louder than they normally would, but not quite yelling, knowing full well that it's making your ears hurt. Maybe it's just me, but Jameson seemed to have this behavior mastered tonight. He was toeing the line all evening, but the strongest charge I could bring against him was a bland and ineffective "you need to settle down." He soooo knew what he was doing.

Or am I the crazy one?

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Chatter said...

Conner has been spending LOTS of time in his room lately. The terrible twos have reared their ugly face. He usually goes to his room before dinner every night b/c he claims he "doesn't like it". Then he'll decide to come out to say "I'm sorry" and then he eats with us. There has been so crazy funk going on with him and some serious TESTING of my limits. We are trying super hard to nip this.

Why am I still up? Better get some zzzz's.