Mar 18, 2008

House Update

We put an offer on a house today. Unfortunately, we had to put a contingency in the contract because we haven't even put our current house on the market yet, let alone sold it. We made a good offer, just a few thousand less than the asking price. The house is for sale by a woman who apparently just got done with a nasty divorce and needs to downsize. We've concluded that the home is priced drastically below its market value and we get the sense that she wants to be done with the sale ASAP. When I say "below its market value," I mean WAY BELOW. Let me put it this way, this house has almost twice the square footage of every other house we've considered in our price range. Without our house on the market, getting our offer accepted  will be tough, but from what we've seen lately, most buyers are throwing out low ball offers even if a house is priced where it should be to begin with. Hopefully she'll appreciate that we're making a serious offer up front. We'll find out by 5:00 on Wednesday if that's the case. Even if she accepts it, with this being a contingent offer, we need to get our house sold NOW so someone else doesn't swoop in and steal this bargain. Julie won't let me link to the actual listing for you all to check out. If we actually buy the house, she doesn't want all the serial killers in my blog readership to know where we live. I'll at least post a picture, though.

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I know where you live....muwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha