Mar 13, 2008

Flyers Lose to Xavier... Again

For the third time this season we lost to Xavier. It was another frustrating game. While we managed to stage a comeback in the second half, even managing to take the lead, poor play in final stretch did us in once again. Our free throw shooting in particular has been downright embarrassing. We were 61% from the line yesterday which was actually a big improvement over the 33% from the St. Louis game. We really didn't deserve to beat St. Louis the day before, so this loss can only be so disappointing. Xavier owns us lately and a victory would mean a near lock for the NCAA tournament, so this game would have meant redemption on a few levels. Early on, this year felt like THE year. We began the year 14-1, had beat Louisville and TROUNCED Pitt. Brian Roberts seemed unstoppable and Chris Wright was living up to every expectation. Dayton was nationally ranked and, though early, we looked like a lock for the NCAA Tournament. So much for being a lock. Chris Wright got hurt at the end of that run and we lost 8 of our next 11 games.

Some say Dayton still has a chance to get in. We've played a tough schedule and our overall record is good (21-10), so it's plausible. We've got two big feathers in our cap with the Louisville and Pitt wins. Pitt just knocked Louisville out of the Big East tournament and next takes on Marquette. Sorry, Kip, I'm rooting for Pitt now. We need all the credibility we can get.


Jason said...

If only the Flyers had a good coaching staff(Me, you, Dug, and Metzler) they would have gotten into the tournament. lol. Jason Gray aka Country

James said...

Hell yes, Country! (Good to hear from you!)