Feb 26, 2008

Toy Review: GeoTrax

One of the best toys we've ever bought for Jameson is the Fisher Price GeoTrax toy train. It is a very creative take on the toy train concept. It meets all the necessary criteria for an active 2-year old. 1. It's easy to assemble and operate: Though the various train sets are fun and complex, setting up the tracks and various components is very simple and Jameson can easily put together railroad systems without supervision. 2. It's rugged: Everything is designed for heavy toddler abuse. Jameson enjoys destroying his creations Godzilla style as much as enjoys building them. There's no concern about wear and tear whatsoever. 3. It's engaging: It's enjoyable just to sit and watch Jameson think about which piece of track to lay next. Once everything is up and running, he gets fully immersed in the world he's created as the trains carry out their "jobs" and the people go about their lives. Unfortunately for them, it usually ends in some disaster involving head on collisions... but it's still great to see his imagination at work.

The GeoTrax system is basically made up of separate sets, each with its own unique activity or theme, that can be linked together in limitless combinations. The track pieces snap together easily but hold together well enough to withstand being trampled by a little monster. The trains themselves have very simple remote controls with great sound effects and they are relatively simple to set on the tracks. Each train also comes with a small "action figure." (The sets include many small pieces, so this is not a good toy for kids prone to eating toys.) Jameson loves to play with his "tain tacks," but the great part is that it will only become more fun as he gets older. Maybe one of the best aspects of this toy is that I can see it being a favorite of his for years and years. Oh yeah, and Dad loves to play with it, too.

Since these photos, we've added several more sets. We'll post some pictures of the full train complex that now nearly occupies the entire room when fully assembled.

Even at two years old, Jameson has no trouble putting together the tracks. He's still working on the finer points of track layout, though.

The trains are rugged and easy to set up and use.

Always obey all traffic signs!

Yet another Jameson Railways disaster (and I'm sure another class action lawsuit by the little Fisher Price citizens).

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