Feb 16, 2008

Thank You Aunt Emily!

Emily was so kind as to cook dinner for us last weekend. Even greater than the food was keeping Jameson occupied for several hours (which I know he thoroughly enjoyed)!

Don't worry, the stove is not on.

Jameson was officially in charge of making the green beans.

Jameson has some interesting place setting ideas.

Some very delicious twice baked potatoes. A Rachel Ray recipe, right Em? Notice the tiny pink spoon that Jameson originally used for mixing. Not exactly the most efficient way to stir a big bowl of potatoes.

They even did the dishes!

Jameson's role was to throw dirty dishes in the sink.

Emily's role was to wash as fast as she could and look out for flying dishes!

Thanks, Emily!


Mander said...

um, she never did this for us?
Do I need to have more babies to get this kind of TLC?
Just kidding. It's well deserved for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Had I known I was going to be photographed for the whole world to see, I would have looked a little nicer.

Chatter said...

That was so nice of Auntie Em. She is thoughtful like that. We are waiting for you in Missouri Bubba :)

Anonymous said...

James thanks for posting the pics of Emily doing dishes. She looks so happy cleaning! Seriously, I'm usually scowling and swearing at Bri underneath my breath for micro-waving cheese on the plate or something.

Jameson is a little man. I bet the twins are getting so big as well. Keep the pictures coming, seriously it makes my day. No really, lab can get really boring.

Em, doesn't CO sound better than MO?