Feb 29, 2008


I witnessed one of the first true disappointments in Jameson's short, two-year existence. It happened several nights ago as we were getting ready for bed.

All evening he had been talking about Superman. When I got home from work, during dinner, in the playroom, even in the shower it was all about Superman. It wasn't too surprising. Recently he was becoming more and more interested in Superman and Batman and I just assumed Superman was the fascination du jour. He knew the animated Superman series was on TV that night, so it made sense that he was getting geared up to watch it. He even has a Superman action figure that he "flies" around the house and he likes to remind me that Superman is a good guy. But apparently tonight there was more to it. As soon as he was out of the shower he rushed to get dressed for bed and, of course, picked out his Superman pajamas. Still, having owned these PJs for months, it seemed like a perfectly ordinary choice. But then his real motivation began to be revealed. Clearly he had been planning something all day. Very deliberately and without saying a word, he pulled a large throw pillow to the middle of the room and climbed atop it. I silently observed as he paused briefly, coiled into a deep crouch, and threw himself as high in the air as possible... only to land just several inches from his launching pad. Shoulders sagging, he slowly walked over to where I was sitting on the floor. Before he even said a word, my heart was breaking at the deep and sincere look of disappointment in his big blue eyes. He leaned in, threw his arms around my neck and softly said, "I no can jump in the sky."

The caped heroes in action. It took a few days for Jameson to remember that the red cloth draped over Superman's shoulders is his cape, not his kite. A logical mistake.

Even Superman needs his sleep.

What I fail to catch on film here is how Jameson twists his upper body and cocks his elbow back before he takes off at lightning speed.

"Don't worry, Mom. I got you."

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