Jan 17, 2008

Radio Show (and Several Posts Today)

Finally catching up on the blogging, so be sure to scroll down to see all the latest...

A quick shout out to my friend Chris Grittani. He has a radio show out in Portland, Maine. Tonight is the last show, beginning at 1:30 am.

In his words:

to all the insomniacs in the house,

last time trying to guilt you in to staying up past your bedtime. thursday night (friday morning) from 1:30-4:00 is the final installment of The Whirling Dervish. gonna trade in the show for the time being and do some other things like sleep and what not. still a part of the station and may decide to fill in for some other shows on an as needed basis. ill probably keep one eye open for a shift to open up that will fit my schedule more naturally....

...so if youve wanted to catch the show but havent, this is it. break out your sanka and your tasters choice as i try to widdle down over 750 artists and over 110 hours of pragramming into one two and a half hour show. tune into live disfunctional radio at its finest. what else are you gonna be doing in the middle of the night?

The Whirling Dervish
friday @ 1:30-4:00 A.M.
90.9 & 104.1 F.M in the greater portland area
or stream online @www.wmpg.org

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