Jan 29, 2008

Good News and Bad News

The good news is: We sold our house.

The bad news is:  We sold the wrong one.


For those that don't know, for the last several months we've been having a house built by Beazer in a new development in Centerville. We had a contingency in our contract that said we would not close on this new house unless we had sold our current house. This also meant that after the initial ninety days of the contract, Beazer had the option to put the house we were building on the market if we hadn't closed yet. If they got an offer, we would get a first right of refusal, meaning we could commit to buying the house ourselves before Beazer would accept the offer they received on the market.

Well Beazer called today. Once they got the drywall up, they listed the house for sale and already received an offer. With our current home nowhere close to being sold, we had to let them take the offer they received. Apparently we had designed a pretty sweet house. It's on almost an acre, in Centerville's school district and in a potentially great development. We're very disappointed to see it go, but it's for the better. Getting our current house sold has been hanging over our heads since the twins were born and it didn't seem like we were making any progress. This will give us time to ride out the housing downturn a little, save more for a down payment and take our time looking for another house. But it's still disappointing. Sigh.

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Chatter said...

Bummer. Sorry about the turn of events. I guess everything happens for a reason. Any interest in your house? Or did you take it off the market?

Good luck and I'll talk to you soon!