Jan 7, 2008

Go Bucks!!!

Sorry, long time no blog.

-Made it to Christmas on both sides
-Missed the big Murphy Christmas
-Got a babysitter and actually made it to an early dinner on New Year's Eve
-Still passed out before midnight
-Made a few bottles, changed a few diapers, turned 31
-Lost 10 pounds, because who has time to eat with three kids 2 or younger?
-Watched the Dayton Flyers destroy #6 Pitt
-Still haven't made any resolutions
-Got a new big screen TV (key to Ohio State's last national championship)
-Now watching OSU go for another championship, on my new TV

Gotta focus on the game. Go Bucks!


Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday, and good job on losing 10 pounds...I'm trying to shed a few pounds myself

Anonymous said...

Wow 31, happy birthday. Hope life is well with you and the kids. Sounds like it's definitely keeping you busy. At least you got a new t.v.....and then OSU lost, how sad!

There's always March Madness.


Brittany said...

dude, we're getting so old. but i'm still not as old as you : )

tell julie is said hola.

Chatter said...

Happy Belated Birthday James. I miss it every year and will probably continue to for years to come. So having 3 kids under 2 is the secret to losing 10 lbs. No thanks. lol.

It's great to see an update. Hope you are doing well and can't wait to see some pictures of the kiddo's.