Jan 26, 2008


The twins demand a great deal of our time. Obviously. So we make an effort to spend some time with just Jameson whenever we can. Jameson still gets plenty of attention in general, but it's nice to have a little fun with him without potential interruptions from the babies.

A couple of weekends ago we went bowling. I'd say Jameson's attention limit is about nine frames. He liked rolling the ball down the lane, but could care less about the pins. He wanted to rush back to the ball return to wait for his ball to come back. By the way, it is possible to roll a ball so slowly down the lane that it actually comes to a complete stop halfway to the pins.

Yes, they make two-year olds rent shoes!

The atmosphere and the junk food were the real reasons Jameson liked bowling! (Though isn't that the case for most people?)

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Chatter said...

We took Conner over Christmas. We will not do it again any time soon. He was into it for 5 seconds and didn't want anyone around him but me. Punk kid. Good pics, glad you had fun. You *sswipes and your baby-sitters close by. I'm jealous.