Dec 4, 2007

Might as Well Say "Torture"

The Children's Medical Center of Dayton is a fine facility where everyone goes out of their way to make the children unfortunate enough to be there feel as happy and comfortable as possible. The one area of the hospital where the staff's power of goodwill is useless, though, is the laboratory.  Essentially, the sole purpose of the laboratory is to draw blood from the patients there that need any number of tests and screenings performed in the quest to make the sick well. Let me tell you, after two visits to this area with Truman, they might as well call it the torture chamber. I'm sure some black hoods would go nicely with the staff's lab coats and Dora the Explorer scrubs. On each of our visits to the lab, we sat in a waiting room with about half a dozen wee patients and listened to a nonstop chorus of blood curdling screaming coming from beyond the lab door. I've never seen a more terrified assembly. The scenario was repeated over and over. The door would open. An exhausted parent would lead out a sub-four foot, red faced patient. The child would still have tears streaming down his face, have snot dangling from his chin and be shuddering from whatever atrocities took place inside. Each exit further upped the anxiety level for those in the waiting room. Clearly what was happening in there was every bit as bad as it sounded out here. As each casualty made their way through the waiting room, a nurse would poke her head out the door and announce the next victim. When their names were called some would make a feeble attempt at escape, some would get an early start on the screaming and some would simply accept their fate as if being called to their execution, all with the deepest look of betrayal towards their parents. The screaming was loud, clear and non-stop. Dick Cheney himself could not have developed a more efficient system of torture. There wasn't a person there that wouldn't have spilled every secret they knew to avoid walking through the lab door.

I asked one of the technicians if the screaming really was non-stop. She replied, "Huh? Oh, that. I don't hear it anymore." Spoken like a true instrument of torment. Another staffer said, "Even on the good days it only takes one screamer to start the whole cycle. Once it begins, there's no way to stop it. It perpetuates itself."

Dentists have nothing on these guys.


Trike said...

Do they use finger sticks now?

Anonymous said...

yikes! sounds pretty scary....maybe next Halloween, you could take the kids there instead of a haunted hotel

Anonymous said...
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