Nov 13, 2007

Jon & Kate plus 8

This is a show about a family with a set of twins AND a set of sextuplets. If they can handle their 8 little ones, then we'll be just fine with twins and a two year old, right? Julie is the one that got me hooked on this show. She basically watches Discovery Health every minute that she's awake so I had to start watching something with her. I like the show because it always looks like they're bordering on chaos but they somehow manage to get by in that unique, large family sort of way. I think I can relate to them more than most other TV families. Ever see that family with the 17 kids, the Duggars? Fridiculous. Anyway, they have this huge family and it's like the 4-year old cooks dinner, the 7-year old does the laundry, the 12-year old does the taxes, etc. And no one ever disagrees about anything. Yawwwwn. That whole family is drinking the Kool-Aid.

Anyway, big families rule!


Anonymous said...

true story, big families are so much fun :)

Chatter said...

i miss cable. big families do rule!

Kirst said...

i think if we didn't have a big family, life would be odd...and chan since when don't you have cable, man, talk about living in the dark ages...and james good luck with the twins

Anonymous said...

i don't miss cable, regular tv blows dogs for quarters, cable can't be much better. wait PBS rocks, love NOVA specials.