Nov 18, 2007

Enjoy It While It Lasts

Jameson, your days at the center of attention are numbered. You can probably use all the free pub you can get right now. Enjoy!

I told Jameson that if he stayed in the tub too long he'd turn into a raisin. This is Jameson eating a raisin toe.

I don't think either of us introduced Jameson to the idea of tracing one's hand on paper. The results, as you can see, were outstanding.

Here's Jameson giving that special brand of childcare only he can deliver. Sorry, Andersen.

Jameson's number one favorite items in his wardrobe right now are his cowboy boots. Apparently all other forms of clothing are a very distant second. 

1 comment:

Chatter said...

Cute pictures!! Hope Jameson is doing well with the new siblings :)