Oct 14, 2007

Two Years Already???

It's hard to believe that Mr. JJ has been around for two years already. (It's almost harder to believe that we're weeks away, God willing, from introducing two more munchkins into this world.) To say that the time has flown by isn't even an accurate way to describe the feeling. As fast as JJ changes, it's as if time hasn't existed at all. That's one of the reasons for this blog to begin with -- it's my attempt to snatch a few memories out of the air before they're out of reach. I hope this blog helps you keep up with the little one(s) and maybe get a few laughs from my adventures as a dad. More importantly, though, I hope it slows things down a bit, even if it that just means reminiscing another two years from now.

Enjoy some much delayed photos from the big day:

Let's get this party started.

The Incredibles cake was JJ's choice. Which reminds me, I need to get working on that "Dash" costume.

I hope it's a hair-care set so I can do something about this mullet.  Oh well, there's always next year.

It wasn't all fun and games, right Kevin?

The Elmo flashlight was a big hit and delayed the gift opening process by a good 15 minutes.

Getting a little practice in before the twins get here... thanks, Andersen.

Grandpa with a video camera in his hand?!?! Shocking!

Uncle Kip hit the jackpot with the Diego "bus" gift. The kid practically lives in this thing.

Even at seven months pregnant with twins, Mom can still get out there and put the new tee ball set to good use.  Dig it out, Mom!


Chatter said...

Wow, you've posted a lot since I've been here. I'm used to your infrequent posting so I'll have to start keeping up. I'm slacking in the blogger world these days. I love all these pictures!! Thanks for posting them. I can't believe how much Andersen looks like Kevin. Happy belated Anniversary. I can't believe how closely our paths down life have been. Marriage and kiddo's very close together. Can't wait to meet your next ones. We need to get together more often!

James said...

I know. We're even going to have second children very close together. It's been good to have someone going through similar experiences at the same time.

I think we would have been doing more together if you hadn't built a new house from scratch and we hadn't decided to have two babies at once.

I'm trying to blog more often and make it less of a production. We'll see if I can keep it up.